March 14, 2018

Cash Discount Zero Fee Processing

Sick of paying fees! Eliminate them now!

Eliminate processing fees using our cash discount zero fee processing program

Free, Patented Terminal

Get a free terminal to process our patented cash discount program

Dedicated Account Rep

Our rep will work with you one-to-one to provide a secure, cost-slashing solution

Seamless Setup

You will be up and running in under 5 days from program acceptance.

Eliminate Processing Fees!

Our patented solution keeps your revenue in your till and minimizes fees.

"We process $20,000 per month and cash discounting saved us $6,000 per year on our fees"

Cash Discount Zero Fee Processing from SwyftPAY

  • Why should your business have to pay high processing fees if you don't have to.
  • Processing fees reduce your bottom line and our Zero Fee program eliminates them immediately.
  • The cash discount program offers your customer an immediate savings for using cash.
  • Although we can not get rid of every fee, (Visa won't let us) you can expect to reduce your expense by nearly 90%.
  • Quit worrying about your credit card fees and get to work on filling up your till!