March 21, 2019

Zero Dollar Credit Card Processing

New Rules, Better Solutions

Accept credit cards at 0% cost.
Achieve 100% compliance.

Sell $100, see $100.

Zero cost on credit cards. Simple, transparent pricing.

Where EDGE Works:

  • Terminal - Swipe or Dip: Enjoy lightning fast retail transactions
  • Virtual - Complete a transaction in seconds.  No Apps or equipment necessary
  • Mobile - Take a payment anywhere, anytime!
  • Online - Seamless shopping carts payments with no redirection
  • Software - API integrations to your payment system

Why Businesses Choose EDGE from SwyftPAY

Zero Cost

  • You keep 100% of every credit card sale: when you sell $100, you receive $100. Pay only for debit card transactions.

Fully Compliant

  • We’re experts so you don’t have to be. Our turnkey solution complies with all the rules and automatically has you covered.

Customer Friendly

  • EDGE passes on the fee for credit card transactions only. Your customers can always choose debit as a no-fee option.