December 29, 2016

Real Speak

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Businesses come to us to solve a number of problems. One of which is they want a processor they can trust. To solve the problem of trust, Ignite Maple Grove has built an organization on the platform of service. At our core, we fully understanding that we are in the business of creating relationships not creating sales.

Real Speak

Real information, clear understanding and we answer our phones. Companies that hide behind an 800 number have no focus on customer happiness. We drive the real information to you to ensure that your account and your business will grow the way that you design.

Fits Like a Glove

Our three-tiered support program is the perfect fit, in that it gives you access to the people that can help navigate your questions quickly. With a dedicated, 24 hour service line, we can immediately recognize – and help fix – any aspects of your program that might be causing you to pay more than you should.

Transition Teamwork

Wasting time sucks. Working with the “sign and dash” types that don’t know what they are doing, costs you money. When it comes to the switching of your equipment, let our expertise in transitioning make a great investment of your time.

Decision Speed

If we can not give you the information you need to make a buying decision quickly, well, then we just aren’t doing our job.  It is our core commitment to provide you with the necessary information, answers and value to do what is right for your business rapidly.

Be Part of the Cool Club

Great systems with great people create great results.  Over 2000 times our service system has excited customers enough to proudly refer us to their friends.  Add to that our WeDonateLocal© program, your customers will proudly keep coming back.

Breaking Murphy's Law

Things break.  That is the cold reality of life.  But how your problem is handled is the ultimate mark of customer service.  Everything we do is designed to get us out of your way as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The sooner we do that the sooner you get back to the business of making money.

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